Thursday, August 8, 2019

Ride the trusty seas into Fall!

The Summer will soon be over.  It was filled with the sound of the accordion for all of us who attended the annual AAA festival in Valley Forge. We attended workshops, concerts, watched competitions, participated in a festival orchestra, hosted 2 groups just for young accordionists, performed at the King of Prussia Mall.....and created wonderful memories with cherished accordionists from all over the country. We watched and heard some of the best young accordionists perform, including our own Nathan Chapeton!

Our CAA concert at  Gloria Dei was a huge success! Many thanks to all of you who came out to support the CAA orchestra. And a special thank you to our Conductor, Peter Peluso.  We dedicated our concert to our beloved Bob Siarkowski, who I trust was with us in he always will be.

But now it's time to look to our future.  The Waverly Tavern is currently unavailable to us.  So we are actively seeking other venues for our gatherings.  I will keep everyone posted as we search alternatives.  In the meantime.......I've come up with a fitting alternative:

Fall is filled with fairs in CT.  And I have been very privileged to become part of a very interesting band called Whitebeard's Bretheren Hoard.  We performed for Make Music Day in Waterbury on June 21 of this year, and we will be performing on the Main Stage at the Cheshire Fall Festival on Saturday, September 14 from 1:30-2:15.  Voila! You'll all finally get to see and hear your illustrious and rather illusive President play the accordion in a pop/rock band!  The band has a pirate theme and our Captain, Leo Lavallee is an accomplished, multi-talented musician, recording artist and composer.  Come join us at the fall festival and support the accordion, remembering the times when accordions were part of EVERY live band.  Let's bring it back where it belongs! This event will take the place of our regularly scheduled September Gathering.