Wednesday, September 2, 2020

A Gift from CAA Orchestra Conductor Peter Peluso


As the CAA Orchestra has been on hold during the pandemic, CAA Orchestra Conductor Peter Peluso has been feverishly working the bellows of his Borsini. Sometimes alone, other times in collaboration with his wife, Mary Jane Peluso, Peter has been boosting the morale of the CAA orchestra by regularly sending out pieces he’s perfected using the Acapella App. This app allows for either solo or multiple musicians to record musical parts of a song separately and then join the parts and…..voila! You have a song! The process takes place safely with a wonderful final product that includes a video of him playing each of the parts.

Peter created what I realized was a full concert!!! This concert has been made available to CAA members. It will be available for general public viewing within the next week.