Sunday, January 17, 2021

In Memory of our Julie Cardona

 This past Tuesday, January 15, the CAA and the accordion world lost a champion accordionist.  Julie Cardona, sister to Mary Tokarski and Walter Kasprzyk who together performed as the "K Trio," left us. 

Julie achieved national and international recognition for her skill on our instrument.  She graced the CAA orchestra with her immense talent and warmed our hearts with her sweet nature, friendship and dedication to the CAA. This woman's hands danced over the keyboard while engulfing the listener with emotion. She persevered through countless obstacles to come to rehearsals, serve as a silent teacher to us all and make our collective sound. She enjoyed a good joke, loved owls and spread warmth wherever she went.

To hear Julie play along with her sister and brother was to hear the best that an accordion trio had to offer.  She not only possessed technical brilliance that was nurtured by her teacher and brother, Michael Fernino.  She added HEART to the sound.  Her heart.

This loss is profound.  We will miss her forever. Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to her family. 

Julie Cardona, center, with her sister Mary Tokarski and brother Walter Kasprzyk
The "K" Trio